Most of the yards are not leveled perfectly and have hills or ditches, making landscaping difficult. On sloped areas, flower beds usually undergo erosion that moves the soil and uncovers the plant’s delicate roots. There are a lot of plants that can fill in the sparse areas and have deep and strong roots that can keep the plants in place. Below are some of the highly recommended plants that you can choose to plant in slope areas: 


Hellebores are early bloomers and durable flower plants. In fact, they usually develop even if it’s winter season. This type of flower has a freckled pattern on the petals and it also comes in several colors. To see greater results, you should place this flowering plant on a slope in full shade or dappled shade. 


For you to add elegance and color to a slope, it is recommended to add roses. Most rose types are best in controlling erosion and do well in part to full sun. 


This is a kind of shrub that’s dense and sufficiently sturdy to be dependable topiary and hedge plants, which makes them the best option for a sloped landscape. Even though hardy, boxwood would do well in drained soil compared to standing water. As you select a type of shrub, make sure to do some research about the watering and light requirements for that particular kind before you plant it anywhere in your backyard. 

Japanese maple 

This is a more delicate and smaller variety of the classic maple tree. Similar to maple trees, a Japanese maple can develop well on slopes. Their smaller, decorative leaves come in hues of green, red, orange, gold, and purple. Most types only grow until 25 feet, and others can only reach 8 ft. in height. 

Climbing rose 

This plant is best and tough for slopes. Climbing rose could vine up fences or trellises to make privacy. They also possess multiple blooms to incorporate color into your landscape. Make sure to place this plant in a sunny area to make them much more alive. 


This is a variety of shrub that has a lot of clustered colors and strong branches once it blooms. They serve as the best bed fillers and they can do well on their own on a slope. Since there are a lot of hydrangea varieties and types, make sure to inspect the label for the requirements of light before you start to plant. 

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